As an egalitarian community we believe that each of us can be a vehicle for the Light and that we all are holy teachers and holy students in different ways and at different times. By embracing our Jewish heritage and revitalizing prayer, rituals and teachings, we have endeavored to provide a spiritually alive Jewish home for souls to evolve and be nurtured. We welcome all to join us in celebration and learning.

The Minyan is a multi-layered community. While some participants are content to attend the High Holidays and a few events during the year, others join together in a more intimate community in which we experience the joy and challenge of close relationships, care for one another in times of grief or illness, and enjoy the deep experience of creating worship and study together.

Because of our focus on the immediacy and joy of worship, we feel very akin to the historic movement of Hasidism, which in the eighteenth century sought to create a joyful mode of personal and communal worship. As a contemporary egalitarian community, we incorporate and transform the values of Hasidism and call ourselves neo-Hasidic. Often we study the mystical and spiritual practices of the Hasidic masters.

Our innovative participatory services are known for their spiritual depth, heartfelt intensity, and joy. The services are meaningful for Jews who have earlier turned to other spiritual traditions to find the path to their soul. Our services often incorporate music and dancing and are led by members and friends of the Minyan. Many of the leaders have liturgical or rabbinical training, or are poets, singers, dancers, or simply individuals with something to share.

Over the years, the Minyan has been a fertile incubator for Jewish spiritual leaders in the Renewal movement. We are proud of our alumni, who serve as rabbis, cantors and lay leaders of congregations throughout the world. Our community continues to offer rich opportunities for individuals to develop their spirituality and their leadership abilities.

Our Shabbat and High Holiday prayer books combine traditional prayers with contemporary interpretations by Minyan members and other Renewal liturgists. Most prayers are presented with Hebrew transliteration and gender inclusive Hebrew and English options.