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All memberships include High Holy Days tickets.  If you need to purchase tickets for friends or out-of-town guests, please use our High Holy Day registration page.

Membership prices are for the number of adults in the household.  Both single and two adult rates include any children in the family.  

Partial work exchange may be possible upon request. 

Membership is on an annual basis and runs from July 1st of one year to June 30th of the next.  If you sign up after June 1st your membership will be applied to the upcoming year.

Members: Why Is This Year Different From All Other Years?

We are embracing two new exciting developments that will take both our High Holy Day services and our beloved community to new levels.


First, we are thrilled to welcome a new High Holy Days rabbi, Jonathan Seidel, a dynamic leader with a beautiful voice. Rabbi Jonathan is a very old friend of the Minyan who was here with us in the Eighties. He graduated from Oberlin, Cambridge University (Fulbright), Jewish Theological Seminary (MA) and UC Berkeley (PhD). Rabbi Jonathan received Renewal ordination from ALEPH in 1974. As he collaborates with our many talented lay leaders to create a deep, meaningful and beautiful High Holy Days experience, we are enjoying his boisterous, scholarly musicality, heartfelt teaching, outgoing approach to people, and his delight at participating once again in the Minyan. We are all in for a treat this year!


Second, we have recognized that the Minyan cannot run solely on volunteer help unless some people devote their whole lives to it. It’s not good management and it’s not fair. The Minyan has hired a talented, creative new Administrative Manager to help shoulder the load of our tried and true volunteer leadership! Lorelai Kude, who many of you have had the pleasure ot meet, has a BA in Journalism from SFSU, an MA from GTU in Jewish Studies, is a scholar of Jewish Astrology on which she writes a column in the Jerusalem Post, and has had a long career as an award-winning media professional, talk show host, internet radio entrepreneur, event producer and independent media consultant.

Membership dues alone do not cover the cost of the essential services the Administrative Manager provides. Please consider pledging your support to help “Share the Load” by clicking this link.

The Aquarian Minyan is the West Coast’s first-begotten of Reb Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, z”l, conceived in ecstatic union with the Divine 45 years ago and guardian of that special spark of holy fire which is fanned and blazes with light and love whenever two or more of us are gathered together. We are truly part of his living legacy and when we gather together for High Holy Days services or for any occasion, Reb Zalman is among us!

Each and every one of you are a treasured part of The Aquarian Minyan, a powerfully lay-ed Renewal congregation, the living legacy of love, a joyful, inclusive and historic community with so much to give to one another and to the world.

We urge you to renew your membership at the highest level you can afford.

We have increased dues a small amount to continue to provide the full service that you have come to expect, but we need your help and support! If you are not a member we urge you to join us at this exciting new time!

We look forward to being together with you to celebrate a happy, healthy, prosperous and enlightening New Year 5780!

With gratitude for your continuing membership and support,

The Aquarian Minyan Council and Fundraising Committee

Shoshana Dembitz, Abigail Grafton, Elizabeth Hirshfeld, Chetana Karel, Rob Katz, Sophie Miron, Mac Lingo, Marty Potrop, Sarah Weinberg