Our Team


The Aquarian Minyan is governed by an elected Council. Although the Minyan has no permanent building for its worship, we do have a paid administrator, and utilize a variety of communicative modalities to inform members and friends  about upcoming events. A weekly e-mail update of events is also available to all, and published on our web site.

There are many opportunities for interested participants to volunteer in this member-led enterprise! Members can serve on committees that plan and manage programs, welcome new members to the community, edit and produce the newsletter, raise funds, and care for the ill and the bereaved. Members interested in service leadership can join the committee on spiritual leadership, which plans and presents services and deals with other spiritual issues. Reach out and get involved!

Our Staff


Zoe Penina Baker

Art Director and PR Manager



Lorelai Kude

Minyan Administrator and Communications Manager



Abigail Grafton

ShomerEX (President)

Abigail Grafton Is Minyan Shomeret and visionary and High Holy Days co-producer. She was a sixties activist and a sailboat racer. Now she is a practicing psychotherapist and coach and once again an activist.


Shoshana Dembitz

S’Gan Ha Shomeret (Vice PResident)

Shoshana Dembitz serves on the Minyan Council as S'gan Shomeret (Vice-president), is High Holy Days Co-producer and Shakharit services leader. She was a Peace Corps Volunteer, back-to-the-land farmer and community organizer, and reporter. She practices tai chi and sings in the Nigunim chorus

The Council

Elizabeth HIrshfeld


Sophie Miron