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9/20: 3rd Friday Kabbalat Shabbat and Pot Luck Led by Bob Jaffe

9/21: Slichot led by Rabbi Jonathan Seidel & Miriam Stampfer

9/23: Autumnal Equinox Night of Jewish Magic with Jonathan Seidel & Maggid Jonathan Furst at the JCC TICKETS HERE

9/26: Rabbi Jonathan Seidel on Magic, Transformation and Teshuvah in Early Hasidism TICKETS HERE

9/28: Shabbat at Beit Yakov with Ami Goodman Celebrating Dan Howard’s 75th Birthday

High Holy Days Tickets HERE

Renew or Begin an Aquarian Minyan Membership (High Holy Day Tickets Included) HERE

9/29: EREV ROSH HASHANAH SERVICE at Hillside Community Church

9/30: 1st DAY ROSH HASHANAH SERVICE at Hillside Community Church

9/30: 5th Annual Sacred New Years Gathering! Joyful New Year: a Rosh Hashanah Celebration of Music, Meditation and Movement led by Nina Wise with Sheilah Glover at the East Bay JCC TICKETS HERE

10/1: 2nd DAY ROSH HASHANAH SERVICE at Hillside Community Church

10/3-10/7 "TESHUVA NIGHTS" with The Aquarian Minyan!

10/4 Shabbos Shuva Kabbalat Shabbat & Pot Luck Dinner at Len and Tovia’s

10/5: Shabbos Shuva Bonfire of Reflection with Yeashore

10/6 Teshuva Sunday Brunch at Abigail and Shoshana’s

10/8: EREV YOM KIPPUR at Rudramandir

10/9: YOM KIPPUR DAY SERVICE at Rudramandir

10/13 - 10/19: Open Sukkahs with The Aquarian Minyan

10/13 Open Sukkah Ushpizin Avraham & Sarah @ Lorelai's

10/14: Open Sukkah / High Holy Days Debriefing at Abigail & Shoshana's

10/16 Open Sukkah with Music by Rob Katz at Abigail & Shoshana's

10/18: Open Sukkah Kabbalat Shabbat with Ami Goodman, "3rd Friday" at Elizabeth's

10/19: Open Sukkah at Len & Tovia's

10/20: Open Sukkah at Sophie & Jawxillion’s

10/21: East Bay Renewal Community Erev Simchat Torah

10/26: Shabbat Bereshit “In The Beginning” Shacharit, Torah Service, and Pot Luck

10/29: Author Night with Rabbi Diane Elliot, "Unbounded Heart"


Due to Security Issues, We Do Not Publish The Address of Events at Private Homes In Our Calendar.

Please call/text (818) 746-6174 or email for addresses & directions