The Aquarian Minyan's 5th Annual

Holy New Year's Party

Joyful New Year:

a Rosh Hashanah Celebration

of Music, Meditation and Movement

led by Nina Wise

with music by Sheilah Glover and Stephen Kent

2nd Erev  - Monday September 30th

East Bay JCC   1414 Walnut in Berkeley

7pm - 9pm followed by Kiddush,

apples & honey, and schmoozing

(Doors open at 6:30pm)

This event free to members with paid 2091/5780 membership


$20 donation at the door TICKETS HERE

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As evening falls on the first day of Rosh HaShanah, we will gather for a celebration of music, movement, wisdom teachings and meditation. The festivities will be led by Buddhist and Jewish teacher Nina Wise, with renowned musicians Sheilah Glover and Stephen Kent. With Nina’s guidance, we will reflect upon the past year and where we are headed, pray for healing and peace through song and embodied prayer. as we rejoice in this moment of renewal. This event is for those who regularly celebrate the High Holy Days and those who want to experience a Jewish New Year for the first time. All are welcome.

Nina Wise is a theater artist, spiritual teacher and writer who has been described as a cross between Lily Tomlin, Jules Feiffer and the Dalai Lama. Her unique performances have gained her a worldwide reputation for her zany humor, deeply moving stories and wisdom.

Sheilah Glover, known for her extraordinary voice as part of the trio Nicholas, Glover and Wray, is a vocalist, songwriter and composer. She plays keyboard, accordion, and saxophone and brings a quirky sense of humor and deep spiritual understanding to her work. 

 Multi-instrumentalist and composer Stephen Kent's musical scores composed for theatre, circus and dance companies, have received international acclaim. His work as a performer and recording artist has established him as a valued member of the world music scene. He hosts Music of the World, a weekly show on KPFA.


Fragrance-Free Wheelchair Accessible Venue   510 214-6160

Shabbos Shuva Bonfire of Reflection with Raja Jeff Haas

Saturday, October 5⋅7:00 – 10:00pm

Live Oak Park, Firepit #2

1301 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709, USA

The Aquarian Minyan and

the Yeashore Community

very proudly present

a FREE Bonfire of Reflection!®

Please join us at the East Bay Bonfire of Reflection® on Saturday evening, October 5, 2019 with the Aquarian Minyan, at Live Oak Park, Picnic Site #2, in North Berkeley. We will gather at 7:00 pm, and light the Bonfire at 7:30 pm.

Live Oak Park is located between Walnut and Oxford, next to Rose St. The site is wheelchair accessible via a flat 40 ft. dirt path from Walnut Street. The closest street address is 1375 Walnut, next to the Berkeley Creative Arts Center. Please look for a Fish Windsock, and a Yeashore Banner at the location!

This is Yeashore's 24th year of Bonfires!! The fall brings change to the world. Leaves turn, days are shorter, the Jewish High Holy Days and Celtic New Year are near, the world becomes introspective. We will have our own evenings of Reflection around the Bonfire. We will share our stories of change and miracles; sing of seasons, remembering and change; and meditate on our place in the world. We will share our voices around the fire into the night, or just listen, as we watch the flames dance!

Please bring food and drinks for yourself and some to share. Also bring many friends, your miracle stories, and musical instruments. You are invited to bring something to burn as a way of letting go of it.

We will have a Jewish Havdalah ritual about an hour after sunset. The ritual lasts about ten minutes. As not all the guests at Yeashore's bonfires are Jewish, we explain it and invite everyone to join in. (Or at least be quiet). We look forward to your joining us!

To join the E-list, VOLUNTEER, questions, requests, more info, or comments E-mail to:

What is the Bonfire of Reflection? The Yeashore Community hosts the very special Bonfires of Reflection® around the Jewish High Holy Days. The Bonfires of Reflection® are a non-traditional way to celebrate and reflect for the High Holy Days. They offer a different way for people to review and reflect on the last year and on their place in the world. The most traditional part of the evening will be the Havdalah ceremony. The other "events" of the evening will include songs of reflection, change and remembering. We invite people to share their miracle stories. The Maggid also leads a guided meditation. The center of the evening is the burning of items that people bring as a way of letting go of them. In past years there were ex-lovers letters, tax returns, business papers, legal papers and other stuff that people brought to be burned at the Bonfire. It was an incredible release for those who did it. The Yeashore Community provides 3 x 5 cards for people to write on and then burn. People use the cards to write what they want burned into their lives or burned out of their lives.

There are logs with holes in them that people can put notes in and we burn as a community. One of the logs is cut in the shape of the Kabbalistic ten Sephirot for people to focus on some aspect of their lives. This will be fully explained. As fire is both a creator and a destroyer, you can write on the cards what you want to burn out of your life, or what you want to burn into your life! The atmosphere is joyful, warm, friendly and a space for people to use the Bonfire to help themselves. We look forward to your joining us around the Bonfire!


Featuring Rabbi Jonathan Seidel, PhD

9/23: The Turn of the Equinox and the Magical Circle: Jewish Earth Magic for Transformation

An Autumnal Equinox Bonfire Welcoming the High Holy Days with Rabbi Jonathan Seidel & Maggid Jonathan Furst at the East Bay JCC

Maggid Jonathan Furst

Maggid Jonathan Furst

Monday 9/23/19

7pm - 9pm

Join Maggid Jonathan Furst and Rabbi Jonathan Seidel, PhD on the turn of the Equinox for an evening around the bonfire, with storytelling, teaching, and ceremony on the transformational healing power of Jewish magic and ritual.

Rabbi Jonathan Seidel

Rabbi Jonathan Seidel

What's makes for kosher and unkosher magic? How do spiritual technologies such as amulets, remote visioning, divination, rain-calling, and spiritual healing figure in ancient, halakhic and folk traditions? How can we craft ritual today to make teshuva for pursuing justice and healing the Earth? In this session we will explore through text, folk tales, discussion and ritual the boundaries of Jewish magical practice in halakhic tradition and custom and how it is being re-imagined for tikkun and spiritual development in the world of Jewish Renewal.

Dress warmly for this fireside evening and find out!

Location: East Bay JCC, Berkeley Branch (outside in the back yard) 1414 Walnut St. Berkeley

$10-$20 Donation Requested

NOTAFLOF Fragrance-Free / Wheelchair Accessible Venue

Presented by The Aquarian Minyan and Derech HaAretz Outdoor Yeshiva.


9/26 The Aquarian Minyan Presents

Rabbi Jonathan Seidel

Magic, Transformation and Teshuvah in Early Hasidism

Thursday 26 September 2019

7 - 9pm

The Fireside Room

St. John's Presbyterian Church

2727 College Ave. Berkeley

Join Rabbi Jonathan Seidel for a discussion of healing traditions, spells, amulets, segulot and the continuing heritage of the "Ba'alei Shem" in Hasidic tradition.

Our discussion will consider a "Holistic" trajectory in Teshuvah and transformation at the level of Ruah, Nefesh and Neshamah in Jewish thought. Text study, stories and discussion.

Light Refreshments will be Served

Fragrance-Free Wheelchair Accessible Venue

$10 - $20 Donation Requested


Rabbi Jonathan Seidel is a scholar of classical Jewish texts with a specialization in Jewish magic. He graduated from Oberlin, completed a Fulbright at Cambridge (MA), another MA at Jewish Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D at Berkeley, as well as the Aleph Renewal ordination program. He has taught Judaic Studies and Religion at Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, University of Arizona, Portland State University, Northwest Christian College, Oregon State University, University of Oregon and most recently Lane Community College.